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Absolva "Flames Of Justice"

Image of Absolva "Flames Of Justice"


Track listing..
1. Flames Of Justice
2. Hundred Years
3. Code Red
4. It Is What It Is
5. Breathe
6. State Of Grace
7. From Beyond The Light
8. Free
9. Love To Hate
10. Only When It's Over
11. Empires

10/10 album review at Sinister Angels Realm.. "proof positive that Absolva are a seriously talented band with all the potential of becoming the new kings of the metal scene. They could well be the rightful heirs to the crowns of legendary bands such as Iron Maiden & Judas Priest. Yes they really are that damn good!"

review by Powerplay from Bloodstock Open Air.. "brilliant harmony lead & vocal exhibition. This band is definitely one to watch"