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Chris Appleton, lead vocalist and lead guitarist of ABSOLVA, one of Europe's leading exponents of British metal, extends his virtuosity to the acoustic format with a forthcoming solo album and tour entitled "Restless". As well as Chris on guitar and vocals, the project features WIZZ WIZZARD (Belgium) on vocals and Iced Earth's LUKE APPLETON, who also composed 2 of the songs, contributes additional guitar on the album.

In Chris' own words.. "People are asking me.. why another album? Why another project?.... and it's in the title 'Restless". Whenever I come back from a tour I'm always waiting for the next one. Whenever I record an album I can't wait to record the next. I really would spend all my time on tour if I could, so I'm trying to make that happen! I've had a great time recording the album in Belgium on days off during the latest ABSOLVA tour. The result is great. It's excellent to have WIZZ WIZZARD singing on it and even my brother LUKE played some guitar and wrote a couple of the songs. Something different and I think you'll like it!"

"Restless" was recorded in Lotenhulle, Belgium. Engineered by Bart Wyns. Mixed and mastered by Bart Wyns and Chris Appleton. Produced by Chris Appleton.

Track listing....
1. Seafarer
2. Crazyhead
3. No Tomorrow
4. How Will I Feel When You're Gone
5. Restless
6. Only When It's Over (Absolva cover)
7. I See Red (Fury UK cover)
8. Wonders Of The World
9. Mama I'm Comin' Home (Ozzy Osbourne cover)